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Despite the relentless onslaught of the Pandemic and her own battles with health, not to mention a fierce Hurricane, she refused to let anything hinder her diverse masterpiece. Emerging from a four-year project hiatus, G-Oracle unveils a revelation that catches everyone off guard. This is an exclusive offering for the die-hard hip hop enthusiasts—a mesmerizing auditory experience, infused with unparalleled motivation precisely when we crave it the most. It is only fitting to honor this awe-inspiring creation as "Verses Reloaded."

In a captivating display of artistry, G-Oracle unveils yet another magnum opus that transcends time itself. OmLyrical, her first venture into self-production, stands tall as a testament to her boundless creativity. Drawing inspiration from deep meditation and fervent prayer, she unleashes an explosive eruption of mesmerizing wordplay. With an unwavering reverence for the craft of lyricism, G-Oracle unleashes a relentless onslaught of songs that seamlessly navigate the intricate corridors of the mind and enmesh the very essence of the spirit. Prepare to be entranced

G-Oracle delves deep within her own essence, extracting these enigmatic Verses. Through profound introspection and unwavering dedication to self-discovery, she unveils the intricate complexities of the human experience. With the vastness of the universe as her guide, G-Oracle weaves together a transcendent opus that transcends mere words. Her music becomes a thought-provoking mirror, inviting you to delve into your own depths of self-reflection.

G-Oracle beckons with a cryptic allure, extending an invitation that resonates deep within the soul. With each ethereal note, her enigmatic body of work seeks to penetrate the receptive ears and stir the awakening spirits of those who dare listen. Unveiling her second solo project, G-Oracle crafts a testament destined to etch itself into the annals of artistic immortality. Embracing a divine essence, this awe-inspiring creation becomes a vessel through which the very presence of God is embodied. Venture forth and immerse yourself in its mysterious embrace.

Additional Projects: Faith or Fear, Mind Changes Life, and Enter the G

Human Behavior
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