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Verses Reloaded

It changes your life when you examine yourself but it transforms your life when you take a spiritual seat amongst every thought in your mind.

I said to myself a few years ago. I wasn't going to do another project. I was just gonna drop a single here and there whenever I felt in the mood. Well the universe revealed to me that wasn't part of the deal. Lol. After all I am an artist. It's strange to me how an artist just STOPS. There are so many paths to take within art. It's never ending. It is limitless and abides by no structure of time.I had to realize everyone who claims to be one is not. Being an artist is a blessing. Utilizing the power to create is a sacred art. Yet and still many walk away from it or allow this world to turn it into work. It's just sad. I have a saying: "When I think about it, it hurts but my pain turns into something different." So I wrote and I recorded like I was supposed to. Please do not get it twisted, I have no desire to be popular, I just have to share what was given to me. Verses Reloaded is just that, a reload, but be mindful the clip still ain't empty. Stay Tuned

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