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You may laugh hysterically at this post. You may not read another blog I write after this one but I need to talk about last night.

On April 30, 2020 sometime between 9pm and 11pm I saw something in the night sky. Let's get this straight. I am a star gazer. I enjoy staring at the night sky admiring the moon and the constellations. Its peaceful to me and I have been doing this for of all my physical life. I've seen a few strange things from time to time but nothing like what I witnessed last night.

It started with what I believe must have been a planet because it was so bright it was almost like someone was holding a police flashlight in my face. Around it I saw a distant star but then it moved. Not at lighting speed but it moved at a steady pace passing by other stars horizontally from rightto left. That part wasn't strange at all. My mind immediately assumed it was a commercial flight. I see them all the time but thats when then things got weird.

5 seconds later I see another moving light following the same path. Then another and another. They were in a straight line with equal distance between them. I had to start counting and when I got to 15 I knew this wasn't a commercial flight or several commercial flights. I thought "I must be imagining this". Keep in mind I stopped counting at 15 but they were still going and still following that same pattern with equal distance between them.

I'm just gonna say it. It could have been UFO's. I immediately called 2 other people outside to take a look just to make sure I wasn't the only one who sees this and sure enough they saw what I saw. Of course they began making jokes about comets crashing on the planet and aliens but they admitted it was strange. I should have recorded it with my phone but I was caught off guard and didn't think to do that. Anyway, after they counted about 8 of them they stopped appearing. I don't know the total number but it was definitely more than 20.

I haven't looked into what else I could have seen. Its possible that it has some very valid scientific explanation...or not. Either way I saw it. Let's just call it unidentified for the time being.

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