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I kind of feel like an alien most days. I don't like what the majority likes. I'm weirdly introverted but you wouldn't know it until you try to get me to go somewhere. I have this funny way of viewing people in their own storyline. Everybody is character that im watching in an ongoing film. The crazy part is that everyone plays thier role to Oscar winning standards.

The lighting is always perfect for every scene and the script is exceptionally written.

Eventhough I interact with these performers, I'm not in their movie. I'm just watching it. I have no idea why I do this but it creates a desire in me to find what connects us all. I become an examiner of existence. Seeking out the origin of thought. Its a daunting mission that I am completely immersed in but separated from entirely.

It's wild when I take those quite moments and look at what I am.


I don't asked to be removed from my assignment only to overstand the nessicity of it. My path is one of enlightenment. To bring light to what would otherwise remain in the shadows. To speak with ancient wisdom to the present day past. It's real. Its spirtual and it is so much greater than me. The universe has transformed my day to day into a continuous cycle of moments. Time does not exist and God is everything.

The movies I watch are filled with everything from Horror to Empowerment. Every lesson I learn becomes another ingredient for connection. Each connection draws closer to the completed blueprint of existence.

Will I complete this mission? Maybe not in this life cycle but I can say this. These are absolutely the best movies you could ever see.

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