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It's been a while since my last blog, so this one is really needed. If you have followed any of my previous blogs, you know that I have many conversations that become the subjects that I write on. Lately, these conversations haven't pushed me to the pen. If anything, they have made me question the depth of thought that anyone purposely dives into. The short answer is that most don't dive into thought at all.

So much of what we receive today is. imprints of the thoughts of others. I've noticed this with many people. That fact that almost nothing is questioned leads me to think. I wrote a poem called Moral Decay. In it, I stated that knowledge is dangerous when shared in the wrong spaces.

Here, I overstood that sharing certain truths would actually be a bad thing. Especially if the space in which it was shared wasn't the right one. Identifying the right space can be difficult, but it's possible. These spaces aren't the rooms and buildings. These spaces are the people. If you knew a child had a destructive nature. Would you show them how to start a fire with a magnifying glass? Or show a confirmed thief how to access your valuables? I would hope that you won't. What does this have to do with the lack of in-depth thought so many have today? Those who bear the truth are compelled to share it. Those who seek the truth can be blinded by it. Those who fear the truth will dismiss it and attempt to destroy it.

I learned about the power of words a long time ago, but the power of thought is far more extensive. There is a fear of thought present that I only believed existed in Orwell's 1984. It looks different but is the same. The manipulation of social media on the human mind is astonishing. I promise you human programming exists. If you were to unplug for a day, maybe two, you would feel a difference. It's almost like you were doing something wrong. I was blessed to be born in a moment when it didn't exist, so functioning without it is not a task for me. I am a writer who requires no interruption for days at a time. I meditate in silence with only the sound of my heartbeat and breathing. I fully immerse myself in thought.

This allows my perception to expand in breadth. It can stimulate an insight that is not always pleasant. I understand why so many avoid it. I, on the other hand, am drawn to it. I am being called to dive even deeper. I know that our paths are ours alone even when they intersect. Our thoughts, however, stem from a never-ending well.

It is collective in design but different in the path that leads to them. We can fill our buckets from this well or just walk by it. We can draw from it or stare at our reflections. We can drink from it or cleanse our wounds with it. We can even fall in and then struggle to climb out. Our thoughts can consume us because it is so much of us. Parts of our higher self, subconscious self, and ultimately the shadow self. Thinking is both freedom and prison. I've experienced both sides of it. It's exhilarating and devastating.

Walking in spirit includes drawing from the well and examining one's thoughts after taking a sip. It's honesty that convenes between you and the universe. It allows you to be seen by yourself. We can not allow fear to interrupt this painfully beautiful process. The end result is what has become the true definition of existence. At least for me anyway.

Who knows what you may draw from this well.

All it requires is that you think.

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