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The Witness

I had a conversation with someone recently that was very insightful. For future reference, I call talks like this "Sessions". They become moments that resignate timelessly. I can honestly say that this was one of many that I have had in the last month. I intend to blog about them all. This session was about the black community and the responsibility they have when addressing these troubled youth. If you didnt know, community is very important to me. All aspects from health to economic growth. However it is it's own worst enemy. The work that is needed in the community is staggering but there are those who's have taken on this challenge in many different areas little by little. There are also those who see the challenges, speak about the challenges, have the capability to address certain challenges but they lay in wait on a sequence of failures. They wait for the family to fail. They wait for the schools to fail. They even wait for the church to fail. They become a witness to calamity before they do anything.

I was enlightened by this session only for one crucial point. That sequence of failure began before the person experiencing it came to be. Its isolated and cumulative in its development. It gives birth to a witness that is chained by hope and castrated by action. Compelling them to remain still, held captive by an internal wish that someone else will do it. A relief of obligation to protect, educate or correct. They dwell in a preconceived notion that this is the responsibility of another person. Those that care are often times not able whereas, those who are able often times do not care. For the few that are called to take action. I cherish you and if you are within my reach I support you. In a realm of witnesses who will stand aside and watch the village burn before yelling fire, you continue to put out some of the flames.

This session led me to understand in a great depth the actions I take within my own life. The moments in which I was a witness and did nothing until I had no other option. Yes, patience is important. Yes, thought before irrational action is important also. Still we can not get lost in thought or mistake patience for passivity. We must desire the spiritual balance to act when necessary. At any cost, we must avoid becoming a witness to our own demise. Apply this and see what you have witnessed in your own life? Go beyond the moment and into your being as it exists in continuum. If you are honest with yourself you may come across the witness.

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