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The Spirit of Art

I call myself an artist for many reasons. Along my path I found that art takes many forms. Its speaks from the 5th dimension and higher. It attaches its self to emotions via the spiritual connection we were created in. Whether we dwell in darkness or the light we (artists) become vessels of transcription.

We have harnessed the power of creation and for some of us it remains all we desire to do. I spoke with a someone recently who referred to art as a hobby. This is a common misconception that many people have. Don't get me wrong. If you do a little and put it to the side in regular sequence, then yes it is a hobby for you. My disappointment is when you assume that is the manner in which art should always be handled. I disagree with art being a hobby of artists. You can not be an artist if your art is a hobby. It should be a part of not only you but the universe. I have a poem title "Not a Poem'. In it I give insight to the thoughts that ignite the creation process but also to spiritual connection that artists are blessed with. There so many genre's art is infused in yet people insist on aligning it with some secondary factor when in truth it is the only factor. To truly appreciate any display of art we must view it in all of its spiritual forms. It is the source the creation, the  process working through the artist and the physical manifestation that speaks to you spiritually. I am an artist. G-Oracle 2019

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