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The Road Ahead

We all have a path laid before us. We derive meaning for our very existence through moments and memories. If we loose sight of either, we wander aimlessly through cycles of repetition. We may suffer lost of the greatest magnitude but in a sick non comical way the universe forces us to continue. It forces us to exist.

This isn't a somber post or one to make you dwell on short comings and missed opportunities. It's one to encourage perserverance. We cannot logically live life if we cannot truly understand the "why" of existence. It's simple if you really pay attention. Everything that you learn and adhere to becomes a part of you. Every person you encounter, no matter the depth of the relationship, sculpts your perception of mankind. In turn every thing you do or say that is witnessed and recieved by someone else does the same in them. Life is a continuous road. It's an individual path networked into a matrix of possibilities. One affecting the other. The road ahead is only a mystery to the traveller who doesnt see the "why". The illusion of time has tricked so many into believing their life is over when in a universal perspective, it hasnt even begun. Learn. Experience.Teach = Life #mindchangeslife #G-Oracle #writeordie #Spiritual #blog #followme #derrickisgone #livingwhatIspeak

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