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So Strong

What is your strength? A simple question with a plethora of answers. Each one based upon an experience or an implied knowledge of self.

Webster defines strength in a number of ways but we will focus on the first three. The first defines it as:

A quality or state of being strong:capacity for exertion or endurance.

How often do we examine our capacity or endurance to just live? This is not a question of Numeric or time defining values. This is a question of what we measure within self. To measure something we must know what it is to identify then quantify it.

The second definition is:

Power to resist force.

Whatever stirs your spirit is a force. Sometimes in a positive way and other times in a negative way. This force can be manifested through people, systems of all sorts and even moments in life. To resist these forces takes an untold amount of fortitude mixed with faith. Defining what not only resides in you but through you.

The third defines strength as:

Power of resisting attack

I find this one interesting. Attacks are useless against preparation. How we handle life is often the result of what we are prepared for. This preparation comes through applicable knowledge, continuous growth and awareness. The recipe for strength.

I dont often think of what I have achieved or overcome in this physical life. I think of the spiritual awarness that I was blessed with and how in certain moments I am impacted to pour out my strength. We speak of limits to what we can do or tolerate all the time. Yet our paths continue to show us more and more that we can endure, survive, superceded and exist in the most miraculous ways.

When we can capture the building blocks of strength, no matter what form it manifests in, we can truly understand the greater presence that moves through us. Defining a strength that has no limitation. The strength to lift the weight of existence, move the metaphoric mountains of frustration and ultimately speak the truth of why your weakness lies. Identify then quantify for we are all so strong.

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