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I've had something on mind recently that about the about the word 'selfish' . At its precipice we all can acknowledge that such a word has a negative connotation. A selfish person is not one that is liked by many and rarely has anyone doting on thier acts of kindness. However the motivation to be concerned and only concerned for your self warrants a deeper look.

It made me ask the question. Aren't there moments in life that you have to be focused on your own well being? Whether it's for mental health, physical health or even spiritual health. Don't we as human beings need these moments in order to move forward?

It's like saying nothing when someone tells you some bad news. Then beginning to talk about yourself. Not speaking isn't an automatic sign that they are being ignored but changing every conversation into something about you can be considered a selfish act. I have this odd act of selfishness in regards to artists I discover that aren't in any major public eye. I want them to stay there in that space I find them in. I get upset when the world discovers them and they become overly popular. It's selfish of me to feel that way. I know this but I want that artist to myself. It's the beginning of the year so resolutions are spoken and shared a lot right now. The most popular is weight-loss and healthy living. Tons of selfcare affirmations and declartions. Is this not selfish behavior? I'm illustrating these scenarios to show the extreme nature of selfishness. The broad spectrum that selfishness can fall on amongst any being.

When it comes to human nature we can never take one avenue to dissect our actions. We much approach each and every thing from multiple angles. Even to the extent to question the questions. Its the complexity of who we are that makes us so very unique. It's not whether or not being selfish is wrong. It's determining what level of the selfish spectrum you reside on and did you even know it.

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