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Second Guess

I was in some deep thought recently. I have to laugh at myself because I'm always in deep thought. I live in it. I can't say it consumes me because it doesn't. It's more like it bothers me until I give it the moments it requires.

As you may know I practice daily meditation but this is kind of different. So this blog entry is just a little different.

I recently decided to pursue a goal that wasn't even in my realm of thinking. I committed to it and I'm currently in my execution but I had a moment when I allowed frustration to formulate doubt. I was second guessing who I was. I got over that part but what I want to speak on is the act of second guessing.

When did the first guess take place?

What leads to the second round of it?

Most importantly, is it right do so?

I absolutely love definitions so we will begin there. To second guess is

to criticize or question actions or decisions of (someone) often after the results of those actions or decisions are known. It is also defined as to seek to anticipate or predict.

I had to question this definition. Mainly because it is labeled as the "second" guess.

If this definition stands to be true how can it be the second of its measure if its the first actualization? You can not enact anything for the first time yet deem it to be the second occurrence. Guessing, yes, but the second in sequence ? Absolutely not.

I say this based upon one thing. If it only existes after an action it is simply a question of its predecessor. It only exists in its aftermath. That is a response, inquiry or even an investigation if you want to go full spectrum. It is not a guess.

Our perceptions are not guesses they are at that current moment our realities and nothing less. Even the action that we are "second guessing" isn't a guess. Its an action, a person or a decision of that person. If there is no first there cannot be a second.

There are aspects in life that many believe we should not question. I am not one of those beings. I question everything due to my path of enlightenment. In this particular question I saw what I was really doing. I was criticizing the source of my abilities. I was criticizing my maker and my assignment .

My last blog I talked about how our thoughts are given to us to manifest. If you havent read it you can check it out here. This rang a bell that was so loud im sure it was heard across seas. It enlightened me to the truth.

In retrospect we doubt and scrutinize the assignments we are given when we "second guess". We hinder ourselves by pouring our energy into a negative space. It could be utilized in an area of progression and manifestation. We commit blasphemy when we allow something we are unsure of to trump what we have been divinely given as an assignment. If God gave it to you it is in your wheel house to accomplish.

We can take second looks, we can analyze and even reanalyze if we want. We may find mistakes this way or things that we can correct . However, I believe it will remain fundamentally impossible to "second guess" ourselves. We only foolishly disagree with God for choosing us. Ironically avoiding this only requires one thing.


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