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Race Against No One

If you pay attention to anything in this world you see the undeniable hatred that is held for people of color. I know, I know. You are tired of hearing the beat of the same old drum. The issue isn’t the sound it’s that the drum even exists in the first place. During meditation I received a question that gave me a bit of a challenge. What is race? Trying to think logically about it I summarized race into pigmentation of skin but that was just too much on the surface for me. I had to go deeper. Was race what Webster defined it as in three different ways? 1-any one of the groups that human beings can be divided into based on shared distinctive physical traits 2-a group of individuals who share a common culture or history 3-a major group of living things. It could be all three if you really look at them but what I have discovered through this search is that definition gives clarity but not divinity. That can only come from God. I even had to consider the possibility of race not even being a real thing. It was a lot to break down and regroup but I digress. This was something I needed to understand so I had to go even deeper. I had to seek out the why of race.

To all of the Junkies, Disciples and Dreamers out there I want you to consider something. Think about race as a moving force. Not so much the action but the energy behind it. The drive to move faster, do more or go further than the one next to you. The hope you hold and the perseverance to reach a finish line, an end that really doesn’t exist. Now take that and direct it within yourself. If you are racing against yourself the actual race is continuous. The goal you are reaching for only seems to escape you but the real goal is actually receiving what benefits you the most during your journey. It’s the lessons and revelations that you receive along your path. This creates a light within you that the one next to you can clearly see and feel. It makes them hate (yes, I said hate) for no real reason other than your race. The one inside of you. The one that never ends. All because you are closer to God than they could ever be. Everything is Spiritual even the why behind this race against no one.

G-Oracle 2019

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