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I'm going to have a bit of transparency in this blog. I have been thinking (duh). Recently I have begun taking steps towards some business ventures that I know entail a decent amount of work. Aside from my 9-5 I own a consulting business. Sidebar G-Oracle is an artist who has many irons in the fire but im getting rid of a few. I need to focus.

During this time I've had a hieghtened awareness to people and what they project on others. This does not exclude me. The universe has been painfully dropping jewels in my lap so I need to write. It's my calling to do so.

Let's unpack this, what do I mean by projection? I'm talking about when a person assumes a certain thought or action of someone else. Like if you think your fat you believe everyone thinks your fat. How about stating a child will be a certain way as an adult based on an action you think they will perform.

That's the psychology of projection and yes it's a real thing. However, being who I am the spiritual side of projection is much more interesting.

When it happens we speak things into existence. We cast spells and we even curse people. It is not often we take into consideration the power of not only the tongue but our thoughts. The effects can only be negated by consistent protection from the creator.

I have been on both ends of the projection scale. I'm sure we all have.

It's just that lately I'm understanding the many forms projection can embody.

Encouragement, concern, trust and even wisdom. It's a shape shifter in a sort. You have to really dive in to uncover or better yet open your eye just little bit wider to see.

The effects are immediate. The instances are constant. You would have to imagine being in a game of neverending dodgeball and you have on a blindfold. When you are throwing the ball you don't even know it has left your hand. It just hits people.

The power that projection has from one person is insane. So to think about it's magnitude amongst millions of people pushes the scope beyond physical comprehension. It's a relief to know it can be undone but it doesn't change the fact that it will continue to exist. We can say that about a lot of things in this life.

This is why I causually say to you exam your thoughts. Exam your deepest thoughts that involve another person and the attributes you have assigned to them. Ask yourself if it that thought was truth or projection. Is it really what they are or what you are declaring them to be. I scream at you to protect your being. Pray and meditate daily with divine intention. We exist in a world that does not want you to see your spiritual self or protect it. Do not take this lightly and do not assume you can not fall victim to what I speak about.

This is more than opinions. It's more than psychological isms. It's spiritual and it's so real.

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