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The ability to act and produce an effect. The definition speaks volumes. We assert ourselves in that same sense through influence or specific direction. We give power to objects, places and other people. Don't believe me? Take money for an example it has the power to take a life. Only because we give it that power. A traffic light or a stop sign has the power to stop vehicle motion. What about jobs or positions of authority? They would have no meaning to us if they were not given the power we act upon. Things like this are what makes me analyze the self inflicted frustrations we often have with life in general. We can become angry or discontented from things we have given power to. Inside we are spiritual beings, no doubt about that.

We can use power or give it to others things. We can operate in the flow of it or redirect its motion. Laws are created through given power but can be nullified if we refuse to give it such power.  We can even mask its presence through the use of words. What do you think respect really is or the need of something? It's nothing more than your subservience to the power of something or someone else. I'm not saying that all power is created by us. Those things that are truly of God will hold a power of truth that no man can change. Its everything else that we give into or manipulate. Pay attention to what and who you are submissive to. Pay attention to your needs. Pay attention to your desires. Pay attention to your demands. Pay attention to what you cherish. It would be a shame if you were giving power to what would otherwise be powerless over you. No matter what you discover be thankful for the power of change. It is a truth that many fear and that many celebrate at the same time.

G-Oracle 2019

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