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You read the title of this blog and probably had some dismissive feelings. I dont blame you. Mistakes are a guarantee in life that none of us can get around and we hate them, right? What if we changed the way we view a mistake? Would it make a significant difference? Could we avoid them entirely? I have this ideology that

"if a solution is available, there is no such thing as a problem." I often wonder if that same ideology can be applied to mistakes.

Other than knowing the future, how would we be able to eradicate a mistake? The classic scene in the matrix comes to mine when I think about things like this. The little boy bending the spoon is classic to say the least. He put in simple context the things we as beings can unfold if we only see the reality of our existance and how it is composed. It's something that is purely astounding for anyone walking the path of enlightenment. I'll have to save all that for another blog. The point I'm making is that your view on mistakes or anything in life is just that. Your view. To me mistakes are learning points. Mistakes are the evidence of our imperfections. Mistakes are misplaced moments of trust in others and ourselves. Mistakes are what we see them as and only hold power if we determine that they do.

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