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With all that is occurring in the world with this Covid-19 Virus. Watching the infected numbers grow daily. The amount of fear and anxiety leaking form the pores of humanity is a disease in itself. I have felt the need to say something, anything that would not encourage more fear. I couldn't think of anything that satisfied my soul. Words are subject to interpretation by the reader and listener. Even if your intention is good anything can be taken in the worst way possible. Still, at the end of the day I am an artist through and through. I can not hold what is inside of me for the fear of misunderstanding. If you get it you get it. If you don't then it simply was not your moment to receive the message. Even with all these things in consideration I seemed to not have the wherewithal to pen that message.

Until I stumbled upon a poem I had written in 2012. Not just written but made a video of it in Jan 2013. I was enamored by the sheer alignment of the universe to show this to me. to remind me of so many things. Words can not explain what I experienced but to each his own. Its amazing what an artists connection to the creator can bring forth. So I am sharing this as a reminder to us all. A reminder of what you may ask.? That is purely determined by you .

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