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I've been saying Mind Changes Life for years now. Often times it's taken very haphazardly. I don't know if it's because I'm an artist or because people are just people. Either way they are very mistaken.

That statement that I continously repeat began as a simple message from God. If we change the way we think we change our lives. That resonated with me as what I know now to be a spiritual awakening. A new set of eyes to see this path I walk. An opening to existence that I could not keep to myself. I have mentioned this phrase in countless songs because of the extreme conviction I have to share the message embedded in it. You see I could tell you it meaning in 1000 ways but I still will not have given you the full magnitude of its power. Its a statement, song, motto, purpose, T-shirt, writing workshop and more. I have a song called "Definitions" that defines each word with 16 bars a piece and thats not even close to really defining it. I love the path that I am walking. I thoroughly enjoy the life I can pour into the spirits of others. This is why Mind Changes Life will always be a part of my daily walk. It's why I understand the task and the blessing that I have in recieving it. God knows I'm thankful and will continue to be thankful. So when you see it or hear me speak it, understand this one thing if nothing else. It is a message from the source of all things and is not to be taken lightly.

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