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Where Have The Tears Gone

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Sadness effects us all. We deal with all sorts of pain during life and our bodies often times reflect it. It's what they like to call normal. I guess i'm not normal.

The other day I had began feeling somewhat somber. I had a lot on my mind,which isn't unusual, I just felt a little different about me. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I realized my expression didn't match what I was feeling. I wasn't crying. Now I know some of you are like "so what, maybe you weren't that sad". I thought that too but what I felt at that moment surely warranted misty eyes at the least. My expression did not match my pain but why? Its not like my tear ducts don't work so what was deal? I sought out an answer and it was given to me just as quickly as you are reading this. The act of crying or shedding tears is a physical response to an emotional stimulus. However, in the spiritual sense the act of crying is a release. A release from pressure that has built up inside of you. Even tears of joy are initiated by an overwhelming amount of happiness. I knew at that moment I had not become cold-hearted or that what I felt wasn't equivalent to a tear falling down my cheek. You see I was processing and letting go at the same time. As each negative thought came I processed it then let it go. I understood why it was there and where it came from. I only allowed it to stay as long as it took to understand it. Therefore it had no time to build pressure. My body had no time to react to my thoughts or my feelings. I had no need to release in the physical because it had already been released from the spirit. To often we sit in the seat of sadness, anger, discouragement. We create homes inside of us for wicked and unhealthy strongholds. We must allow our spirit to process and release. We must step out of physical cycles and utilize the spiritual power we have to realign ourselves with peace. Some people would disagree but to each his own. I'm just sharing as I should. Cry if it makes you feel better but you will always have the option to process and obliterate the need entirely.


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