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Updated: May 22, 2019

Anything and anyone can be used to give you wisdom. That's why I'm never completely closed off. I like to examine thought even foolish ones. It seems almost cliche to think that a fool is simply a fool. I initially wanted to write this blog entry to express my thoughts on being weightless when it comes to faith. God had something else in mind.

Recently I have felt a heaviness on spirit. It's not an uncommon thing for me. Usually it's an indicator that I need to write or something is about to happen. This time it was different. I couldn't write. I couldn't even look at my computer. I would get sick just attempting to look at any social media site. I couldn't function at my day job. I couldn't talk to any friend or family member. My meditation was disturbed and prayer felt like an unbearable task. I had completely shut down.  It wasn't until I had a talk with myself (my higher self) and saw the fool in me. It had participated in a hope for change that was completely wrong but oh so right at the same time. By that I mean the right intention but the wrong methods. You see I knew that "man"  would fail me and fail miserably. I just didn't realize it included me. I only had to look at myself for proof. I have not succeeded at everything but the ideals and drive to do certain things are what makes them viable. So when I couldn't answer the question  "What was I thinking at certain moments?" That revealed the fool. It wasn't that I just couldn't remember it was the revelation that my actions were driven by foolish ideals. As spiritual as I am I must also know the physical traps that I can be victimize by daily. Traps that I put in place myself. This is why I focus so much on self reflection. Its is only through elevated consciousness that we can examine ourselves. To be outside and within at the same time aligns you with the universe. It feeds your connection with nature. It allows you to see a God-Like perspective of your existence. Then the magic happens and you change.

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