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Lieing on the Truth

What's so difficult about the truth? I mean to say are we that afraid of it? I had an eventful week of lies and it prompted me to express this revelation. When we lie over and over and over to hide some truth we are doing ourselves a great disservice. We are placing our own spirit in detriment and our own mind in confusion. Its sad that so many people do this unconsciously. I've even come across those who do it for fun just to play with others minds. Its just stupid. I know that lies will continue from various places and people for infinity. I also know that the truth is not swallowed as easily and many times it doesn't taste good at all. I do know that one factor in this leads me to believe that the reason so many lie on the truth is simply because they can and for some reason or another the truth waits patiently to make itself known. Therefore increasing its impact. Its screams "here I am ! " and does a celebration dance in your face. The best part of it all I won't be able to see but I know its gonna be monumental. What I am referring to is the moment that you realize what you have been lying to yourself about. Truth , that amazing thing so many attempt to lie on.

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