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Follow the Instructions

I don't think that many people want to be healed. They seemed to have grown accustomed to the pains in life. Im kidding. Everyone wants to feel good. Everyone wants to happy and bubbly every minute of the day. The reality is that although that may be the goal it is soon discovered that it's a goal that must be sought after daily. When it is found that moment should be appreciated as if it were the first time ever encountering it. Each and every moment.

This current consciousness is one riddled with fear and pain. I dare say that the largest percentage of people experiencing this do so from self inflicted chaos. Keep in mind that I am not speaking of individuals but the collective consciousness. There are many overnight Gurus and Scientists popping up who influence this mass hysteria. No matter which side of the coin you believe that your on it will remain the wrong position. The coin doesn't matter, the energy flipping it does. We run into each other at full speed then disperse to move around an incident. Watch the pain of the injured slowly disrupt so many lifes. Those who attempt to help are deemed foolish for existing in hope. Those who do help are targeted and not protected then undoubtedly ended. The slow moving witnesses gain nothing but hopelessness and trauma. They again speed up gradually until they themselves crash. It's a fault in humans who don't read the instructions. The lay of the land is explained in nature. The way of life is given through spiritual text and universal reverence. We just don't read so by default we don't learn. We must acknowledge experience to gain wisdom and embody humility to know strength. The guidance we unknowingly seek is right there for us. It presents itself as landmarks and street signs. It shows us better ways of sight so that our eyes do not get distracted from our individual paths. Our nature and our existence are not symbiotic. They are counter productive on such a level some of us don't rise for each morning they just lay. We need to read the words that we speak out of our mouths into the atmosphere. Do we speak to healing or to perpetuate fear in others. Why? Is it that fulfilling to be right in your own mind? All we really want is healing for spirit, healing for our minds and healing in our lives. Where is it I asked and In meditation I was told to follow the instructions so that we can fully understand how all paths lead to God.



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