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Creating Firsts

Conversation is a buffet of ideas and stimulation for me. I can intermingle with so many different frequencies and formation of energy. I love it. I crave it and recently it has given me yet another focal point. Another realm of prospects in thinking, which I also love.

Have you ever wanted to create a first? Have you ever had the desire or fortitude to pursue something that you knew would be the first of its kind? It's kind of difficult on this plain of existence to really do anything or create anything for the first time. At least that's what I thought. I even have a poem entitled 'Not a Poem' where I say

" if there is nothing new under the sun then maybe I should be looking outside this solar system of plagary"

I mean let's be honest. Throughout the life span of this planet and the existence of mankind hasn't everything been done already?

The short answer is no.

I have taken some time, thought and meditation to firmly examine what creating a first really is. Know that ideas we recieve are given to use for a specific reason. Whether we are assigned the manifestation of it or the delivery to the manifestor. Its never a coincidence that an idea for creation comes to us. Good or bad it was intended for that individual. It touches our core and becomes a desire then a need. It wraps its self in a blanket of will like a cocoon waiting to be born.

It's agonizing and exhilarating.

It's a not an isolated process. You would have to imagine millions of cocoons holding pieces of the same idea just waiting for the right amount of you.

You see creating a first is not just the recognition from outside sources or people. We only think that because of what is recorded historically. We rely on the perception of others to identify our reality. That places us in a state of dysfuntionality when we view ourself in the spiritual sense. I see this. I feel it. I understand it. I was given a thought and I now manifest it. This blog is an example of creating a first for me.

Creating firsts are done all the time. We just fail to recognize it because we are predisposed to believe it's reality only resides in the minds of others. The reality of creating firsts resides in you. I think about it like this. It's not just creating firsts its My First. This is why those documented firsts happened so naturally. Those individuals were just being themselves. Somebody else just happened to notice. When they did, the small piece of the same thought recognized itsself and aligned with it. This would look like a fashion trend or some widely used tech tool on the market. There are many levels to the attraction of documented firsts that I will have to save for another time.

I want you to focus on the creation of the first and the creator of the first. The initial thought and evolution of that thought into desire, energy and will. The life that was chosen to host that thought and make it a reality outside of thier mind. It is in all things a first for that life. First is defined as coming before all others in time ,space and importance. Sounds more like a thought to me.

We all have them, we all manifest them and we create firsts everyday.

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