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Close The Door

Closure. It's something that is desired by so many of us after an unexpected "end". The truth is that it's not gonna happen until the "what if's" , "maybe's" and rehearsed final words are gone. Make no mistake , as beings in this universe we possess the power to command specific moments in life. The problem is that we allow those moments to pass un appreciated by dwelling on the past and obsessing over an unknown future. In turn we are never in the now which where our power resides. I am not excluded from this. I have my bouts with anxiety and depression. My perception and intuition intermingle with my premonitions often. I can be upset by what hasnt even happened yet and discouraged by what I have already overcome which causes me to loose my now. This is why I focus so much on my heart chakra for balance. Why I pray without ceasing for discernment. It is also why I write to capture and release. In those moments that the pen spills ink like the blood of enemies. Each word liquifies to drown out the pain of the past. Just to leave the wisdom of the lesson learned. It's that real to me. When it reaches the spirit it holds the power of now. What is the "now"? Now is simply the many moments of life that resides in and through us all. We just have to breath then close the door to when we are not present.

Imagine a single room with many doors.All of the doors are open. You dont know what may come out or which one to go in. This becomes a prison of chaotic thoughts. The "what if's" the anxiety. Now imagine walking through one of those doors and it closes right behind you only to enter into another room with more open doors. You destroy yourself with a past decision. The "maybe if I would have" the depression. Now see yourself sitting still, being attentive only to you. You look again to see only one door is open. One path. One undeniable choice. This moment is happening right now. #G-Oracle #writeordie #Spiritual #mindchangeslife #followme #blog #closethedoor

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