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Recently there have been laws passed to prevent women from making a choice to give birth or not. I can't say that this did not anger me but as these changes take place I understand they can be undone just the same.

My focus is on the process of choice not the outcome. You see, as a being with conciousness we all have the power of choice. We are not just reaching for an option. We actually hold the scale that the options rest on. We watch them sway up and down as we attempt to time our reach for the lighter outcome or in other words the right choice. Even with significant deliberation prior to making a choice we never fully understand what will happen until it happens. Some of us hesitate while others just dive head first into it. There are those who avoid a truth just to pacify a lie. All to avoid a choice. Spiritually, we walk our paths ignoring the distance ahead not purposely but accordingly. Our daily choices amount to such a magnitude there is no room in the mind to focus on anything else. Honestly, do we think about which street we will drive on 4 months from now? There is no way of knowing until the choice is place in front of you. Conscious choice that we were given as spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body. Personally, I admonish the ability to choose. I adore its process and welcome its outcome. Every choice that I make draws me closer to mastering myself and to know thyself is to know all things. Mind Changes Life. #G-Oracle #mindchangeslife #blog #prochoice #Spiritual #deeperthanyouthink #decide #itneverstops #universalthought

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