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Binary Experience

How do we experience life? I asked myself this question in solitude. I meditated on on the meaning of one and the ideal that I am one being but composed by many moments of existence. I am connected to my higher self , created by God by way of universal and metaphysical elements but perceived in a multitude of ways.

Experience is the moment that teaches us and embeds itself deeper than we can even conceive. It transforms us to be better or worse moving forward in life. There is an interesting twist to all of this that I must speak on. Experience is not outside of you.

As universal beings, experience is part of our DNA. We dont just have experiences, we are experiences. We are the moments that change the perception of life. Even if we are alone. As I was in solitude (or perceived that I was). My higher self became an experience to me giving the insight of how I should experience life moving forward. Not though singularity but through binary effects. I give and I receive. Applying this has opened a door to life I needed to walk through. I can not verbalize what I see now but I will try.

The moments we create for and with each other have far more value than a good laugh. They are far more therapeutic than a good cry. They are filled with more spiritual connection than we can recognize. They are symbiotic. They are intricately woven. They are a code of 11120 fully connected in a binary experience. It can be so that the joy of love can be magnified and that of hate can be balanced. It is a barrage of duality that we almost never see.

I've done what I can to convey this message. As it is one that is compounded 5th dimensional principles. Still it is my obligation to write or die. Ask the question and receive the answer. When you get it, relinquish the experience. For It is not until we are able to consciously recognize what we have been given to give, will we truly be able to fully experience life.

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