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At Its Core

"I am a zodiac of Cancer. Emotions sway like the water sign fluidity redifined"

Thats a line from a song called "Last of Us". Its from an earlier body of work but its intrinsic correlation to my relationship with hip-hop is timeless. It stands out for me now as I reflect on my current transition.

Unless you are a clinical sociopath you have some level of emotion. Some feeling of connection to others. Eastern philosophies teach that mastery of yourself involves detachment. Its not a bad thing to detach its actually quite beneficial. You spend moments with you and the universe. You learn balance. You learn to be without and define the why of your desires. Where they are rooted and if they should even remain within in you.

As an artist I often dive into the deeper parts of thought. I connect to what connects me to God. These past few months this entire world has had to come to a screeching halt because of Covid-19 and its effects on the human body. This moment has made us isolate unwillingly. For many this is prison. They feel trapped inside of there homes. Ironically home should be the sanctuary but it is being revealed to many as nothing more than walls on a frame of emptiness. A torture chamber of reflection. Social Media have become their God as they worship the posts of another person's imaginary character.

I know its sounds gloomy, in some ways it is but here is the good part. As human beings we thrive on connection. We cannot BE without it. A few months ago it was awkward to just call or text someone to check up on them at random. Now we think about everyone. We reach out to everyone. We desire to know what is happening in their world. We want to share what our world has shown us. We look at ourselves differently everyday. We examine our thoughts and seek out more things to appreciate within our physical lives.

Of course this excludes the ignorance of the ignorant to any before mentioned actions. This obviously does not include the ones in domestically violent households. Im not oblivious to the reality that many are facing right now. Everyone doesn't make it on the boat. I only speak to the universe as it carries this message appropriately. Feelings that were once restricted to show themselves are no longer hidden. Connections that were covered by circumstance are now pathways. This moment that we all experience together separately, is at its core, the fluidity of life. Nothing new except your view of it.

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Check Out Last Of Us

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