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Louisiana, USA


Mind Changes Life

She goes by the name G-Oracle. She is considered a true artist in every way. She delivers her soul captivating messages through an array of art forms. An author, a mystical poet, and a mind-bending hip hop lyricist. A writer of songs, plays, and books.  She dives deeply into the meaning of meanings capturing the spiritual foundation we all exist in.  What many may see as a talented female has become more and more a messenger of change. She identifies herself as an Oracle, a person by whom a deity is believed to speak. Giving messages, answers, and direction to those who seek her.  The "G" before Oracle represents perfection because it is the 7th letter of the alphabet. Also becoming the hallmark of divine wisdom. G-Oracle continues to teach in all of her art forms. She continues to  relay a message given to her years ago... "Mind Changes Life"



I believe in communicating with my higher self and God to produce unique artwork that expels from my very soul. My inspiration for my work is life. This allows my perspective as an artist to remain true yet relative. Art is who I am and I offer new ways of viewing this world.

White Sands

Let's Get It!!

Let's Get It!!


YouTube and G-Oracle. A perfect match.


 Verses: an In-depth walk-through of some of G-Oracle's personally selected pieces of HiP - HoP. She takes her material to another level. As intimate as a one on one conversation she goes into major detail to stir your spirit. Here to challenge and inspire the deepest of thoughts. Get ready to Learn, Engage and Enjoy; through Verses.

Chained Tongue: A poetry series with a little something extra. G-Oracle gives you spoken word poetry with all the trimmings. Listen, watch, and feel the multiple artistic layers of G-Oracle.

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